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Things get complicated…

A group of lower secondary students find themselves in situations that catch them off-guard and show them the consequences of making poor decisions online.

Follow their experiences of cyberbullying, online& gaming, sharing passwords, free downloads and online friendships.

You can also check out interviews with the #GameOn characters about their views on bullying, gaming and sharing selfies:

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Ep1 - Stealing Grace

School’s out for the day! But there is still a lot happening online for a group of young friends.

Ep2 - Ringing Ryan

When police come to talk to their class about cyberbullying, Joel can’t keep his eyes open because he has been up too late playing Star Warriors with Dean… who has accidentally slept in and is late for school!

Ep3 - Texting Ollie

The police officer who visited their class has Ryan worried… maybe his ‘free’ ringtones are too good to be true?

Ep4 - Telling Dean

Ollie is slowly starting to realise he might not have as much control over who sees his selfies as he thought he did.

Ep5 - Asking Claudia

Claudia, a close friend of Grace and Bianca, admits to hacking into Grace’s page and apologises to the girls.

Behind the Scenes

From actors to directors, producers and chaperones, a lot of work goes into the development of a short film.

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