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Digital Platform Regulators' Forum

Australian Government regulators are working together to help protect Australians online.

The Digital Platform Regulators' Forum (DP-REG) was formed to support a streamlined and cohesive approach to the regulation of digital platforms. eSafety is a member of DP-REG, along with the:

  • Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA)
  • Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)
  • Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC).

These Australian independent regulators formed DP-REG as an initiative to share information about, and collaborate on, cross-cutting issues and activities on the regulation of digital platforms. This includes consideration of how competition, consumer protection, privacy, online safety and data issues intersect.

Further information about the work of the DP-REG can be found at

Last updated: 23/11/2023