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Digital signage for schools

About this resource

These digital messages are designed to be used in the classroom, on school devices and electronic message boards around the school.

Target audience


Lower primary, Lower secondary, Middle primary, Middle secondary, Upper primary, Upper secondary


Online security, Unwanted contact, Time online, Sexting and sending nudes, Privacy and personal information, Digital reputation, Cyberbullying, Upstander

Type of resource

Smartboard signage


Using this resource

Upload the files to your smartboard system and school devices to display eSafety messages.

Digital signage for primary schools

These eSafety messages provide easy to understand tips to deal with online safety issues that relate to primary school children:

  • People are being mean.
  • Setting strong passcodes.
  • Someone is being mean.
  • Someone is contacting me.
  • The online world.
  • Your personal information.
  • I investigate – Billie the bilby.
  • I trust my feelings – Dusty the frilled neck lizard.
  • I show respect – River the sugar glider.
  • I am responsible – Wanda the echidna.  

Digital signage for secondary schools

These eSafety messages address some of the key online safety information needs of secondary school students (see The digital lives of Aussie teens research):

  • Do you have a friend being bullied online?
  • Ever Googled yourself?
  • If someone is bullying you online.
  • It's not always OK to send nudes.
  • An online friend might be fishy.
  • Trolling.
  • Don't share your passcodes.

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