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About Women In The Spotlight

Women In The Spotlight (WITS) elevates and protects women's voices online.

Everyone should expect to have safe and positive experiences online. But many women face online abuse simply because they have an active online presence as part of their working life. 

The WITS program provides training and resources to raise awareness about gendered online abuse and the ways it can be stopped. The aim is to elevate and protect the voices of all women whose work or leadership gives them an online presence, and ensure they are not silenced simply because they are women. 

No one should have to experience online abuse

At eSafety, 75% of reports we receive about online harms come from women and girls. Globally, 85% of women have experienced online abuse.

It’s not just the numbers that are alarming. The nature of the online abuse women face is often sexist, racist and violent.

WITS draws on evidence-based research and lived experiences to give women the skills to engage safely and confidently online as part of their working lives and leadership in their communities. It also equips women with the knowledge they need to deal with abuse online.


Inspiring women share how they combat online abuse

Tracey Spicer - #womenwithWITS

Julie Inman Grant - #womenwithWITS

Tessy Ojo - #womenwithWITS

Parry Aftab - #womenwithWITS

Last updated: 06/09/2021