Online boundaries and consent

About this resource

The activities in this suite are designed to support students as they learn about online consent and permission, and how to define online boundaries.

Target audience


Middle primary, Upper primary


Unwanted contact, Respectful online relationships, Refusal skills, Privacy and personal information, Permission, Boundaries, Consent, Choice

Type of resource

Animated slide deck video, pre and post activity slides, lesson plans, student worksheet and follow-up activities


20-30 minute slide deck session plus discussion and follow-up activities

Australian curriculum

Key learning areas

English; Digital Technologies, Health and Physical Education, Media Arts

General capabilities

ICT Capability; Critical and Creative Thinking; Ethical Understandings, Personal and Social Capability

Key outcomes

By the end of the learning students will be able to:

  • identify consent and permission in a variety of online settings
  • define and practise setting personal boundaries online
  • develop help seeking and reporting strategies.

Using this resource

  • Guide students through questions in the pre and post activity.
  • Watch the animated slide deck and support students to complete the student worksheet. 
  • Follow-up this lesson with regular online safety education. Suggested activities are listed below.


Online boundaries and consent

eSafety’s Best Practice Framework for Online Safety has been used to develop this resource. eSafety recommends educators use these resources as part of a whole school approach to online safety.