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#Game On

About this resource

A group of lower secondary students find themselves in situations that catch them off-guard and show them the consequences of making poor decisions online. 

Target audience


Upper primary


Accessing support, Cyberbullying, Gaming, Online friends, Online security, Privacy and personal information, Respectful online relationships, Time online

Type of resource

Video, lesson plans 


5 x 5-min videos (or complete film 23 mins); around 15 to 20 minutes of discussion recommended per episode 

Australian curriculum

Key learning areas

Health and Physical Education, Technologies

General capabilities

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Capability, Personal and Social Capability, Ethical Understanding 

Key outcomes 

Students will understand the differences and similarities of online and face-to-face interactions and how they can protect their privacy and security online. Students will also think critically about the time they spend online and understand the importance of leading a balanced lifestyle. 

Using this resource 

The resource is based on a short online drama series. Topics are threaded through the series as a whole, so the five episodes should be viewed sequentially — either in a single lesson or several. 

You can also choose from three supplementary videos that feature interviews with the characters exploring the issues of cyberbullying, gaming and sharing selfies in more depth. 

You can also send your students the link to the student homepage and let them explore on their own.

Student home


Lesson plans 

Lesson plans based on the issues raised in the videos are provided in study guides for upper primary and lower secondary students.  

Each study guide offers episode synopses, character profiles and points for discussion before watching the video, as well as discussion starter questions for each video. 


Upper primary materials: 1 x teacher guide, 1 x lesson plan

Download all resources
PDF, ZIP, 1.15MB



Lower secondary materials: 1 x teacher guide, 1 x lesson plan

Download all resources
PDF, ZIP, 970.82KB




#GameOn — drama series  

View the series on the #GameOn home page: 

  • Complete drama (19:03) — A group of lower secondary students find themselves in situations that catch them off-guard and show them the consequences of making poor decisions online. 
  • Episode 1: Stealing Grace (5:02) — Grace and Bianca are dealing with cyberbullying, hacking and potential betrayal, Ryan has downloaded ‘free’ ringtones, and Dean and Joel constantly playing Star Warriors. 
  • Episode 2: Ringing Ryan (5:29) — When police come to talk to their class about cyberbullying, Joel can’t keep his eyes open because he has been up too late playing Star Warriors with Dean… who has accidentally slept in and is late for school. 
  • Episode 3: Texting Ollie (5:13) — Ryan's ‘free’ ringtones may be too good to be true. Whoever hacked Grace’s page knows her password, which leaves Grace and Bianca feeling insecure. Dean and Joel are still playing Star Warriors and Ollie’s phone is constantly beeping with notifications on his selfies. 
  • Episode 4: Telling Dean (5:57) — Ollie is realising he may have lost control of his selfies, Grace is still trying to find out who hacked her page, and Ryan has discovered that those ‘free’ ringtones are not free at all! 
  • Episode 5: Asking Claudie (6:03) — This group of friends has realised that things can become complicated online if they’re not making smart decisions, and it’s important to know when to ask for help. 


Character interviews 

View interviews with the characters on specific topics through Meet the characters

  • Cyberbullying (1:05) — Claudia, Grace and Bianca give their perspective on sharing passwords, uploading photos and protecting your friends online. The girls talk about how a simple joke can become a big issue that damages friendships. 
  • Gaming (1:00) — Dean and his best mate Harry talk about the side effects of too much gaming, the damage it can do to friendships and some solutions for a more balanced life. 
  • Sharing selfies (1:12) — Ollie and Sarah have a different perspective on sharing selfies online. Who is right? Who decides? What should you consider before posting?