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Online Safety Classroom Agreement

About this resource

Use this resource to co-create an Online Safety Classroom Agreement with your students that defines, highlights and encourages safe and respectful online behaviours.

Target audience


Lower secondary, Middle primary, Upper primary


Accessing support, Respectful online relationships, Critical thinking

Type of resource

Teacher instructions, sample agreement, editable template


Australian curriculum

Key learning areas

Digital Technologies, Health and Physical Education

General capabilities

Literacy; ICT Capability; Critical and Creative Thinking; Ethical Understandings

Using this resource

An Online Safety Classroom Agreement sets expectations for class members working, interacting and keeping each other safe online.

Download the resource, then use it to:

  • start the chat about online safety with your students and ensure they understand the concepts in the context of every subject
  • develop an agreement together as a class and follow it throughout the term or year.

You can use the sample template or have your class decide what to include and design their own.