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Building online resilience

Online abuse can be incredibly hurtful and distressing and there is help and support available. But there are also things we can all do to minimise the impacts of negative online experiences.

Facts and figures

Research shows that LGBTIQ+ communities feel more confident using technology and protecting themselves online than the general population.

*Source: eSafety’s research on Adults’ negative online experiences.


For more information about the online experiences of LGBTIQ+ Australians aged 18 to 65, download our fact sheet.

These online safety modules have been co-created with LGBTIQ+ organisations and are based on community engagement and academic research.

Get support


All ages. Counselling and referral for people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer and/or intersex. Phone counselling available from 3pm to 12am, every day. Online chat available 3pm to 12am, every day.


All ages. All issues. Phone counselling available all day, every day. Online chat available 7pm to 4am AEST daily.

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