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The eSafety Youth Council gives young people the opportunity to share their insights and experiences about online safety with eSafety and Government.

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Watch now: eSafety Youth Council’s open letter to Big Tech 

The eSafety Youth Council is urging Big Tech to take more action when users abuse or harass others on online platforms, breaching the terms of service. 

Hear what the eSafety Youth Council has to say in their open letter to Big Tech.


Dear Big Tech,

We have a love-hate relationship with you, but we want to make it work.

An estimated 70 per cent of young people have had a negative experience online, like being harassed or abused. That's as many as 2.4 million Australians aged 14 to 24. 

To keep using and enjoying your platforms, we need to feel safe. 

Our number one ask? Don't ignore people who break your rules. Impose consequences.

We don't want your platforms to be a home for trolls, haters and predators. 

Please stop putting profits ahead of our safety and wellbeing.

By saying no to hate and abuse, you'll spark more collaboration, more creativity and more spaces for positivity to shine. 

We need your urgent action to make the online world safer for us and future generations.

Regards, eSafety Youth Council.

P.S. Imposing consequences is just the start. We've got more safety ideas for you.

eSafety Youth Council's open letter to Big Tech

The eSafety Youth Council urges Big Tech to take more action when users abuse or harass others on online platforms.

What is the eSafety Youth Council? 

The eSafety Youth Council was appointed in 2022 and is made up of 24 young people from across Australia. 

The Council gives young people an avenue to influence on issues that matter most to them by engaging in meaningful discussion and sharing their knowledge and experiences with eSafety. It also offers as an opportunity to share insights for policy and program design on online safety issues now and into the future.  

Members are aged between 13 to 24 years. They have a range of experiences, come from various places across Australia and represent different genders and cultures.  

The Council was informed by recommendations from the Western Sydney University Youth Engagement Report, commissioned by eSafety and co-designed with young people. The report explored the online experiences of Young Australians and their concerns and ideas for the future. 

Why are young people's voices important?

There are many ways that young people can lead and influence change. 

The Council enables them to have their say and offer a valuable perspective about the issues they face online. The diversity of the group encourages different points of view about online issues and industry, and these can be readily shared with eSafety and Government. 

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