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Investigating the truth

Billie the bilby holds up a magnifying glass.

About this resource

This classroom activity is designed to help students recognise that not everything they see or hear online is true. It aims to help students to develop questioning skills to identify when something is fake or trying to trick or scam them.

Target audience


Lower primary


Accessing support, Online security, Privacy and personal information, Critical thinking

Type of resource

Educator notes (including supporting resources)


30 to 35 minutes

Australian curriculum

Key learning areas


General capabilities

Digital Literacy, Critical and Creative Thinking, Ethical Understanding

Key outcomes

By the end of the learning, students will be able to:

  • practise critical thinking and questioning skills 
  • explore help-seeking strategies to keep safe when going online.

Using this resource

This Mighty Heroes classroom activity is play-based and includes discussion points and supporting resources. 

The Mighty Heroes are four Australian bush characters who each have an online safety message for students:

  • Wanda the echidna: I am responsible – I protect my personal information. 
  • River the sugar glider: I show respect – I am kind and caring to others.
  • Dusty the frilled neck lizard: I trust my feelings – I ask for help when something doesn’t feel right.
  • Billie the bilby: I investigate – I question what I see, hear and do online.

This resource aligns with Billie the bilby’s online safety message about the importance of critical thinking and questioning what you see, hear and do online.

To use this resource:

  • download the educator notes
  • guide students through the opening questions, activity and discussion
  • extend or follow-up the activity with the suggested adaptations, related resources and ideas for sharing learning at home.

eSafety’s Best Practice Framework for Online Safety Education has been used to develop this resource. eSafety recommends educators use these resources as part of a whole school approach to online safety.

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