Tips on how to stay safe online during the COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 Alert

Due to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) it may take longer than usual to address all reports or enquiries made with our investigation teams.

Please continue to submit reports and we will review them as soon as possible.

If you are worried about your safety or are at risk of harm right now contact police immediately by calling Triple Zero (000).

If you need someone to talk to and are under 25, contact Kids Helpline (1800 55 1800).
For all other ages, contact Lifeline on 13 11 14.

Taking a screenshot on a PC  

A screenshot is a photo of what is on your device’s screen.

This is also known as ‘Printscreen’ on a PC. 

Full screen on a PC 

  1. Press ‘Print Screen/PrtScrn’ or press ‘Alt’ and ‘Print Screen/PrtScrn’ (different for each PC) 
  2. Click ‘Start’ 
  3. Open ‘Paint’. Do a search for ‘Paint’ if you can’t find it. 
  4. Click ‘File’ 
  5. Click ‘New’ to open a new page 
  6. Click on ‘Paste’ in the new page 
  7. Click on ‘File’ 
  8. Click on ‘Save As’ 
  9. Name the new file, choose where you want it to save on your computer, and click ‘Save’ 


Part of the screen on a PC 

  1. Click ‘Start’ 
  2. Click ‘Snipping Tool’. Do a search for ‘Snipping Tool’ if you can’t find it. 
  3. In the ‘Snipping Tool’ select ‘New’ 
  4. The cursor will then change to a crosshair pointer 
  5. Move the crosshair to where you want to capture 
  6. Click and drag to select an area 
  7. When you have selected the area you need, release your Mouse or Trackpad 
  8. Click on ‘File’ 
  9. Click on ‘Save As’ 
  10. Name the new file, choose where you want it to save on your computer, and click ‘Save’ 


If none of the screenshot methods work for your device, we suggest you open a search engine and search ‘How do I take a screenshot with a (your device type/model)’.