How to Zoom: a new way to learn video calling meets strong interest from older Australians

In 2020, web traffic to video calling content on the Be Connected site, managed by eSafety, skyrocketed by close to 700% as older Australians sought new ways to connect during the pandemic. Video calling has been one of the most popular online skills that older Australians have learned in the past year, but many are still missing out. eSafety is now offering a new online presentation for older Australians to learn how to use Zoom, as part of the Be Connected program.

eSafety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant said during the pandemic older Australians have been intrepid in learning new online skills to adapt to life in the new normal, including learning video calling.

"At the same time, we know that only 30% of those with low digital literacy are able to make video calls compared to 72% being able to send emails, so we’re continuing to offer older Australians options to learn in a way that suits them," she said. "That’s why we’re excited to provide this new webinar on how to use Zoom." 

"72% of older Australians prefer to learn 'face to face'. This just hasn’t been possible with physical distancing, so eSafety has created a new series of webinars (live online presentations) to boost the existing online offerings. Joining one of the webinars is just like having a personal trainer for digital skills in your own home!"

The webinar covers all that older Australians need to know, from the benefits of using Zoom, through to step-by-step guides to signing-up and making calls. With many older Australians concerned about safety online, the course also advises on how they can protect their privacy. 

This free webinar takes place between 3pm and 4pm on Thursday 25 March. For those new to webinars, there is a short video on how to register. 

There is also an informative Be Connected course and webinar on Thursday, 27 May that will introduce seniors to other popular video calling platforms such as WhatsApp, FaceTime and Skype. Registration details for the webinar will be available on the Be Connected website soon. 

The Be Connected website provides free information, learning modules and webinars designed to empower older Australians to safely use the internet and digital technology. Be Connected is a joint initiative between the Department of Social Services, as the lead agency, eSafety and Good Things Foundation. Funding for Be Connected has been extended from 2021 to 2024, which will allow the program to assist many more older Australians. Check out the website today at


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