Smart shopping for tech gifts this holiday season

Social distancing this year means that Santa may have to ditch Rudolph and his reindeer team and rely on drones to deliver some gifts – but let’s hope he’s checked eSafety’s Gift Guide, which offers some great online safety advice for those purchasing tech gifts this summer.

“With Christmas fast approaching, many parents and carers will be thinking about what gifts to put under the tree for their children this holiday season,” said Australia’s eSafety Commissioner, Julie Inman Grant.

“There are some fantastic options out there, and internet-connected toys and devices do have great educational benefits. However, there can also be some dangers to those seemingly innocent gifts.”

eSafety’s Gift Guide includes popular tech gifts for children and young people, and calls on all parents and carers to check the safety of tech gifts before purchasing.

“There’s an array of internet-connected technology out there, such as drones, smart toys and wearable devices. They’re fun items that most kids want, but we also want parents and carers to be aware of the risks of these internet-connected items, and the precautions they can take,” said Julie Inman Grant.

“For instance, some devices may give away details of your child’s location, or there may be apps on smartphones or tablets that have a messaging function you may not know about.”

Minister for Communications, Cyber Safety and the Arts, Hon Paul Fletcher, said: “eSafety’s Gift Guide helps to inform parents and carers about what to look out for with tech gifts. It gives practical advice on how you can help keep your kids safe when using tech, such as setting strong passwords, or turning off location settings.”

More information about what to look out for and how to stay safe when using tech gifts at: 

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