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Kids and teens online

This research snapshot provides an update to Aussie teens online released by the Australian Communications and Media Authority in July 2014.

Key findings


  • At June 2015, 82% of teens had been online in the previous 4 weeks. 
  • 85% for girls, 78% boys


  • 64% streaming video 
  • 47% playing games online 
  • 78% emailing 
  • 54% social networking 
  • 78% research and browsing


  • 27% between 9am and 2:59pm 
  • 49% between 3pm and 4:59am 
  • 74% accessed between 5pm and 10pm 
  • 28% between 10pm and midnight 
  • 8% between midnight to 6:59am


  • 98% of teens are connecting at home 
  • 64% have access at school 
  • 57% access the internet at a friend's home 
  • 36% of all teens going online are accessing via wireless hotspots


  • 52% of teen users access the internet on two different devices,
  • 30% are using three
  • 18% are reliant on only one device.


Aussie teens and kids online

A snapshot of how young people are engaging online, what devices they use and which services and activities that draw them online: information to help us explore facets of online safety.

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