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International engagement

eSafety works with online safety regulators and organisations around the world to help meet our mission – to protect Australians from online harms and promote safer, more positive online experiences.

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Aims of our international activities

Online safety is a global challenge that requires a collaborative response.

eSafety recognises that improving online safety has to be an international effort, because online interaction is not confined by national borders. This is why we share information and work with governments, organisations and experts around the world.

We are involved in many alliances and capacity-building projects. We also contribute to international debates, discussions and projects on online safety matters that affect Australians.

Through these interactions, we aim to enhance our approach to online safety regulation in Australia, amplify our impact across borders and help create a safer and more responsible digital environment worldwide.

Cooperation and collaboration

eSafety cooperates and collaborates with many other online safety leaders and advocates around the world.

Overseas agencies and governments

We work with regulatory counterparts and meet with new partners to discuss online safety legislation and how to regulate digital platforms. This gives us valuable insights into how other regulators and governments operate and what emerging issues we face.

eSafety has various cooperative relationships with agencies and governments in other countries. We also give briefings to foreign governments and diplomats about online safety and how we function as a regulator. We welcome contact from organisations and individuals who would like to learn about our approach as Australia’s online safety regulator.

International forums and networks

eSafety takes part in various international forums and networks. This involvement allows us to develop and promote online safety regulations, and to advocate for stronger online safety protections for Australians and the broader international community.

These networks include:

For more information see: Working with international forums and networks.

Online safety in the Indo-Pacific region

A strategic priority for eSafety is developing stronger and closer cooperative relationships in the Indo-Pacific region.

eSafety is delivering online safety projects in Southeast Asia and the Pacific, with funding under the Cyber and Critical Technology Program led by Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

For more information, see: Building capacity within the Indo-Pacific region.

Online safety resources

eSafety has drawn on its extensive research and experience to develop online safety advice for global citizens. These resources are full of practical tips.

The editable PDF documents can be adapted to include local hotline and helpline information.

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Last updated: 25/01/2024