minimum age according to Hoop
13+ minimum age according to Hoop

What is Hoop?

Hoop is a social networking app used for making new friends and is a free add-on to Snapchat. You can create a profile and connect with strangers by swiping ‘yes’ to make a new connection or ‘no’ to pass on a connection. Once you match with someone by both swiping ‘yes’, you can request each other’s usernames and become friends on Snapchat. Hoop may also be used for dating.

Hoop uses an in-app currency called ‘Diamonds’, which are needed to request people’s Snapchat usernames and to access the full range of features. You can earn Diamonds by sharing your profile, opening the Hoop app every day, watching ads, taking surveys and by adding Snapchat friends through Hoop.

Hoop requires parental consent for users aged 13-17, although there is no age-verification system in place. Once an age is chosen on a profile however, it cannot be changed. As a safety measure, teen and adult profiles are kept separate and cannot be seen by anyone in the other age group. Hoop does not share the specific location information of its users.

Website: hoop.photo

Apps: Android, Apple iOS 

How do people use Hoop?

Learn more about the benefits and risks associated with how people use social networking apps like Hoop.

Hoop is used for: messaging/online chat, content sharing, in-app purchasing and photo/video sharing.

How can you report abuse, inappropriate content or block a user?

  • Safety Tools
    Learn how to report abuse, inappropriate content and block a user in Hoop.
  • Contact Hoop
    Email Hoop for support with specific issues.

How can I protect my personal information?

  • Profile Safety
    Read Hoop’s advice about staying as safe as possible when using their app.

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