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18+ Minimum age according to Hornet
18+ 18+ Minimum age according to Hornet

Chat content is adult and often sexual in nature.

What is Hornet?

Hornet is a social network and online dating service aimed at the LGBTIQ+ community. This feed-based platform can be accessed via mobile app or a web browser. Once you create a profile, you can post content to the general feed or join specific groups based on your interests. There is also the ability to chat and share pictures privately with individual users. Paid membership enables additional functionality, such as message read confirmations and unlimited profile views.

Hornet has an in-app currency called ‘Honey’ that can be purchased or earned on the platform for completing tasks such as moderation. Honey can be gifted to other users or traded for items including premium membership, Hornet merchandise or Amazon gift cards.

Website: www.hornet.com

Apps: Android app, Apple iOS

How do people use Hornet?

Learn more about the benefits and risks associated with how people use online relationship services like Hornet.

Hornet is used for: in-app purchasing, location sharing, messaging/online chat, online relationships, and photo/video sharing.

How can you block someone or report online abuse?

How can you protect your personal information?

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