minimum age according to Imgur
13+ minimum age according to Imgur

What is Imgur?

Imgur is an online content hosting site where you can view and share content such as images, GIFs, memes, videos and reviews. You can communicate with other Imgur users by posting public comments or sending private messages, GIFs or emojis.

Imgur posts can also be shared to other social media platforms, such as:

TwitterFacebookYouTube  and LinkedIn

Imgur is available on web browser and mobile app. 


Apps: AndroidApple iOS 

How do people use Imgur?

Learn more about the benefits and risks associated with how people use online content hosting and sharing sites like Imgur.

Imgur is used for: content sharing, messaging/online chat and photo/video sharing.

How can you report inappropriate content, mute another user or request data be removed?

How can you protect your personal information?

  • Privacy Policy
    Learn about your privacy rights, how Imgur collects, stores and uses your personal information and who to contact if your privacy is breached. 
  • Privacy and Security
    Learn how to keep your account as secure as possible and control the privacy settings on your posts.

Key safety links

  • Terms of Service
    Understand the terms you agree to by using Imgur.
  • Community Rules
    Learn about the community rules that apply to all posts, comments, texts and links in Imgur.
  • Safety & Standards
    Offers general safety and support information about Imgur. 
  • Mature content
    Learn how to disable mature content browsing on Imgur.
  • User wellbeing
    What to do if you are concerned about another user’s wellbeing.