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Minimum age according to Qooh.me
13+ Minimum age according to Qooh.me

What is Qooh.me?

Qooh.me is a social media service that allows people to anonymously ask questions about users. People asking questions are not required to join. If you answer a question, the answers are posted on your online profile, which is publicly available online. Profile setup options include photo, location and full name. The platform encourages you to post your unique Qooh.me link on your other social media accounts to invite more questions.

Website: qooh.me

How do people use Qooh.me?

Learn more about the benefits and risks associated with how people use anonymous feedback services like Qooh.me.

Qooh.me is used for 

anonymous communication, location sharing, messaging/online chat and online relationships

How can you report online abuse, ask for content to be removed or block someone?

Qooh.me offers no function* for reporting abuse, cyberbullying or inappropriate behaviour within the service.

  • In-app report function
    Qooh.me offers a report option in the bottom right corner of questions and replies.*

How can you protect your personal information?

There are no privacy settings in Qooh.me. Your profile information, along with any questions you answer, will be publicly available online.

Key safety links

Qooh.me does not provide specific online safety information.*

*Accurate at the time of publication.