Get help with technology

If you are new to digital technology, or need tips on something specific, we can point you in the right direction.

This page provides some links to help you understand the basics. It is for anyone who needs a simple introduction to computers, smartphones, tablets and the internet.

The basics

The Be Connected website has lots of useful information and simple activities to improve your skills. Be Connected is an Australian government initiative developed by eSafety and the Department of Social Services to increase the confidence, skills and online safety of Australians. 

The topics below are just a few of the short introductions to digital technology on the Be Connected website.

Digital devices

When you need a refresher on the essentials of computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones

Getting to know your device

The basics of using a keyboard, a mouse or a touch screen, plus how to change settings and manage your files 

Getting started online

Some essential skills to help you get started online and start to navigate the online world

Connecting to others

How to set up the correct equipment to make video calls and use applications such as Skype, WhatsApp and FaceTime 

Wi-fi and mobile networks

All about how to connect to the internet without cables when you’re at home or out and about 

Face-to-face help

Be Connected also offers opportunities for free face-to-face training and internet access through more than 2,000 community organisations across Australia. Find local help

Online safety training for professionals

eSafety offers a range of online safety training programs free of charge for professionals including teachers, librarians, law enforcement, mental health and social workers and corporate groups.


On other pages you will also find targeted information for:

  • Parents and carers — using parental controls and other tools to help protect your children’s safety online
  • Women — how to make sure you are using your computer, phone or tablet safely 
  • Seniors — advice and support for older Australians