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Minimum age to register an account according to Animal Jam
13+ Minimum age to register an account according to Animal Jam

If you are under 13 you need verifiable permission from a parent or guardian to register an account.

What is Animal Jam?

Animal Jam is an online game and associated app for kids where you can learn about the natural world while playing with other friends. You can choose to become your favourite animal and explore different lands and ecosystems, where you can play games, watch educational videos and meet other players from around the world. Animal Jam uses Adobe Flash which means it is best suited to computers and laptops. It has an associated app for mobile devices called Animal Jam Play Wild. 

Apps: Android app, Apple iOS app 

How do people use Animal Jam?

Lean more about the benefits and risks associated with how people use online games like Animal Jam.

Animal Jam is used for: gaming, in-app purchasing, messaging/online chat, online relationships and screen capture.

How can you report online abuse or block someone?

How can you protect yourself and keep your personal information private?

  • Animal Jam rules
    How to keep your personal information private, secure your account and chat safely.
  • Activate chat filters
    Learn how to turn on different safety chat filters which can help to block inappropriate messages from other players. 
  • Privacy policy
    Animal Jam’s privacy policy including how your personal information is used. 

Key safety links

  • Online safety
    Online safety tips and advice.
  • Tools for Parents
    Tools for parents and carers to help manage your child’s experience when playing Animal Jam. 
  • Help centre
    Offers a range of general help, safety and security information including hot topics. 
  • Terms of service
    Animal Jam’s terms of service.

Last updated: 27/02/2024