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What is Bing?

Bing is a search engine operated by Microsoft that uses a propriety algorithm to rank and order search results in terms of their relevance to the user and their dependability as data sources. Bing’s standard web search provides a variety of search services including images, videos, maps and news. Safe search settings can be used to filter adult content from searches. The search engine features advertising.

Bing offers a chatbot search functionality using artificial intelligence (AI), powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4, which is available in Bing’s Android and Apple iOS apps and in Microsoft’s Edge browser and Skype chat. Bing’s AI chat allows you to refine searches by asking follow-up questions in a conversational style and provides summarised answers that cite sources from across the internet. You can also customise the format of search results to receive answers in different text and visual formats, including charts and graphs. Bing also offers chat history and persistent chat, allowing you to return to previous chats across different devices. You can also use Bing as a creative tool to generate stories, text and images.

Microsoft points out the limitations of AI stating: ‘AI can make mistakes, and third party content on the internet may not always be accurate or reliable. Bing will sometimes misrepresent the information it finds, and you may see responses that sound convincing but are incomplete, inaccurate, or inappropriate.’ 

Apps: Android app, Apple iOS app

How do people use Bing?

Bing is used to search the internet and generate content, which means users could be exposed to inappropriate content.

How can you report a concern, use safe search or block adult content?

How can you protect your personal information?

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Last updated: 27/02/2024