Disable Find My iPhone


Find My iPhone helps users locate a lost iPhone or iPad.

It also lets someone lock their device if it is stolen.

Find My iPhone can also be used by anyone with access to the related iCloud account to track the location of a device.

Apple devices in the one household often share the same iCloud account.

This might mean that a perpetrator can have access to the location of all iPhone and iPad users within the household.

For anyone at risk of monitoring through Find My iPhone, this function can be turned off by following these steps.

Go to Settings

Select the ‘Device name’ at the top

Select iCloud

Turn off ‘Find My iPhone’.

On a Mac computer:

Select Apple menu

Select System Preferences

Select iCloud

Deselect Find My Mac.

A user can also turn off the iCloud for a device.

Go to Settings

Select the User name at the top.

Select the Device you want to disconnect from the iCloud and Apple account.

Enter the Apple ID

Answer the verification questions

Select Remove from account

Confirm “Remove”

Go Back.

Check whether Family Sharing is on.

Click onto each family member to check and limit access.

Check whether Location Sharing is on.

Turn off if needed.