How to clear Google search history


When someone browses the internet, the browser history captures the places that were visited online. This makes things faster when we need to visit a website again.

However this browser history can also be viewed by anyone who can access the device. They may also be able to see login details for websites.

If a person is at risk of abuse or stalking online, they may want to clear a browser history after visiting websites that might upset a perpetrator, or where they have used a login they want to keep private.

Here’s how to clear the browser history in Google’s Chrome browser.

Open Chrome

Select the 3 dot menu. 
Select History

Select Clear Browsing History

Select the Advanced tab on the top menu

Select all boxes so they have a tick in them

Select the required time range to be cleared, such as ‘the last hour’. If ‘All Time’ is selected the entire history will be cleared.

Click on the Clear Data button on the bottom right hand corner of the window to clear all history.

If a device is synced to others, the history may need to be cleared on those devices as well. It might be useful to stop Syncying the devices for future use.