Improving security when using Yahoo Mail


Anyone at risk of technology facilitated abuse should use all the security features on any online services, including email. 
Yahoo Mail users should move to the latest Yahoo Mail platform as it is more secure.
Here are the simple steps to use security settings in the new Yahoo Mail.

To Block an email address 
Open the Inbox.
Select the gear icon on the right-hand side menu.

Select ‘More Settings’ – the last option in the menu.

Select ‘Security and privacy’ from the menu on the far left-hand menu.
Select ‘Add’ under the ‘Blocked addresses’ option.
Add the email address to be blocked.
Select Save.
The Yahoo Mail account will block any emails being sent from that email address.

To see recent emails that have been sent or received.
Go to the Inbox. 
Select the account icon which is the name/picture in the top menu banner, on the far right-hand side
Select Add or Manage accounts.
Select Account info. 
Select Recent activity. This shows when the account was accessed. This can alert a user to a perpetrator accessing an account.

Two-factor authentication can be set-up for extra protection. 
This means two checks are needed before someone can access an account
To turn-on Two Factor Authentication – 
In the inbox, Select the account icon which is the name/picture in the top menu banner, on the far right hand side
Select Add or Manage Accounts
Select Account info
Select Account security
Turn Two-step verification to On
Enter the User’s mobile phone number
Select ‘Send SMS’
The User will now be sent a Code to enter when trying to login to their Yahoo Mail account. This stops others without access to the mobile phone accessing the account.
Check that ‘Allow apps that use less secure Sign-in’ is off.