The power to feel and connect with others


This video is a dramatic scenario used to provoke thought about having empathy for other people online. It features two teenage males. The males are played by actors. A young male, Tom, sits at a table eating breakfast while listening to music, and television news is playing in the background.

Tom puts on his headphones

Tom smiles as he looks down at his tablet showing the album cover "Conspiracy of sound"

Tom glances up at the TV and pulls of his headphone

A boy stands in the rubble of a crumbling building. Text appears “LIVE! BREAKING NEWS. Thousands buried in landslide.”

A close up of the boy on TV shows him covered in dust, looking lost, concerned and confused

He’s wearing a shirt with the album cover “Conspiracy of Sound”

Tom looksat the TV concerned

A close up of the TV again shows the boy wearing the shirt “Conspiracy of Sound”

Tom looks down at his tablet also showing the album “Conspiracy of Sound”

A close up of Tom’s eyes shows his empathy for the boy on the TVA close up of the boy on the TV’s eyes shows his sadness and confusion

Tom searches on his tablet to find the news story of the boy wearing the shirt . He clicks to share it through social media

He adds a caption to the post “Check out the shirt” and shares the story

Robert W. comments “Whoa. COS fan doin it rough”

Tom replies, “Spread the word? Maybe we can help.

Steven M. comments “hellzyeah”

Screen shows Tom, relieved and content. Text appears on screen “I feel for others”.

Logo shows the Australian coat of arms abovethe words Australian Government, and the Commissioner with the web address