Stop Photo Locations on devices


If you take a photo with a phone or tablet, it may add a geotag to the photo. 
A geotag identifies where the photo was taken. 
It is important for anyone at risk of technology facilitated abuse to turn geo-tagging off. 

To turn off geo-tagging in photos on an iPhone and iPad.
Open the iphone or ipad

Go to settings

Go to privacy

Select location services

And toggle the button to disable

If a device is reset at any time, including for security reasons, you will need to go in and turn off Geo-tagging again.

Only allow location services if they are really needed.
If in doubt, say ‘no’.

If you need to use your Map or GPS to find somewhere you will need to turn Location Services back on. 
Remember to turn it off again after you have reached your destination. 

With an Android device, which is any phone or tablet that is not an iphone or ipad, geo-tagging is usually turned off through the Camera app.

Open the Camera app, Open the Settings in the app and look for the Geo Tag’ or ‘Location Tag’ option, or similar. Make sure it is off.

If this doesn’t work, Google “How to turn off geo-tagging on (your phone type)”