Turn off frequent locations on iPhones and iPads


The Frequent Locations or Significant Locations feature on iPhones and iPads, records places a user has visited.

This helps people find locations they need to visit quickly.

This information can be seen by anyone with access to the device, or the iCloud account related to the device.

Anyone needing to keep their location private can turn off the Frequent Locations or Significant Locations function.

This is important if a perpetrator has access to the device or the iCloud account.
To turn off Frequent or Significant Locations on your iPhone, open Settings
Select Privacy
Select Location Services
Select System Services
Select Frequent Locations or Significant Locations.
Enter the device passcode or Touch ID to access this feature
Swipe to turn Frequent Locations, or Significant Locations off.
Frequent Locations or Significant Locations is now turned off.
Ensure this is turned off before and after Software updates occur.