Twitter - reporting abuse


To report abuse on Twitter, go to the post that needs to be reported.
Select the down arrow at the top of the post. 
This will open the Share, Report, Mute and Block options.

Select ‘Report Tweet’
Follow the prompts. 
If evidence of the abuse is needed, a screen shot should be taken first.

A user can also Mute and Block the account that sent the Tweet. 
Select the down arrow at the top of the post.
Select ‘Mute@user’ to stop seeing that user’s Tweets without Unfollowing them.
Select Block@user’ to Unfollow the user and stop any communication from that user.

If the abuse is through a direct message first take a screen shot of the abuse for evidence, as it will be deleted after the report is made.

To make a Report. 
Open the message. 
Hover next to the message bubble until 2 buttons appear. 
Select the ‘Stop’ button.
Under the ‘More’ option select ‘It’s abusive or harmful’ 

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