Two-factor authentication on Google


The user name and password for a Google Account gives access to all of Google’s web-based services. This includes Gmail, Google+, Drive and YouTube. 

Extra protection can be added to a Google Account by setting up two-factor authentication.

To set up two-factor authentication for a Google account:
Log into any Google service. 
We will use Google mail, better known as Gmail.

Select the Profile picture in the top right-hand corner of the screen. 

Select ‘My Account’.

Select ‘Sign in and Security’

Scroll down, select Two-step verification

Log-in again. Using your Google password.

Select ‘Get started’ 

Select ‘Try it now’

Google will send a prompt to your phone.

Enter your mobile phone number.
Make sure the flag is set to Australian.
Make sure ‘Text message’ is selected as an option to receive codes.

Google will send a verification code to the nominated phone number.

Enter the Code.

Once the Code is accepted, 
select ‘Turn on’. This enables 2 factor authentication. 
This means every time a user tries to open a Google account, they will need to enter a password and verification Code.

Alternatively, Google offers an app to generate codes for two-step authentication. 
This option is only recommended for more advanced users of Google suite of online services.

To use the ‘app’, select ‘Set-up Authenticator App’ from the menu. 
Select whether the device is an Android or iPhone, and follow the directions to install.