Video: That's not team spirit

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Bud and Johno are riding the bus with their football team, The East Side Tigers. They are headed to a game.

Bud: Hey, look at this.

Coach: Sit down, shut up and stay focused! Don't fool yourselves, boys. The Emus are going to be hard to beat.

The players arrive at the game and file off the bus.

Elder: Come on, boys. Go in hard, head over the ball, and tackle, tackle, tackle!

Johno: Righto, Unc!

Hey, Sharlise!

Sharlise: Hey, good luck, cuz.

The Tigers and Emus play against each other. Bud lands in dog poo trying to catch a ball. He takes his shirt off and Sharlise whistles and claps. Bud kicks a winning goal for the Tigers. As the players head back to the bus, Bud passes Sharlise and friend Kellie.

Crowd: [Cheering]

Crowd member: Look there! [Laughs]

Crowd: [Cheering]

Sharlise: Bud, that was proper deadly.

Bud: Thanks. Wanna give me your number?

Sharlise: OK.

Bud: Or better yet, I'll give you mine.

[From the bus] Sharlise! Send me something real good so I'll remember who you are.

Kellie: You're not going to send that. Are you?

Sharlise: Yeah. It's only for Bud.

Back on the bus, Johno sees that Puddy has been sent a nude of Sharlise. 

Johno: Hey! That's my cousin, you dog.

Puddy: Oh sorry, bros. Ricky sent it to me.

Johno: Rick, you sending photos of my little cousin to everyone?

Ricky: Hey, don't blame me. Talk to the dog poo dude over there.

Johno: Well?

Bud: Settle down, bro. All the girls on your phone are someone else's cousins or sister.

Johno: Delete it now!

Bud: Don't go getting all gangster on me.

A fight breaks out between all the players on the bus.

Coach: Hey! What's going on?

All: [Yelling]

Johno tries to take Bud's phone to delete the photo of Sharlise. The phone flies out the bus window and smashes on the ground.

Bud: Ah, that's brutal.

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Narrator: Think twice about sharing sexy pics.

Show respect.

Keep it private.