Safer Internet Day 2022

eSafety called on Australians to share how they play it fair online as part of Safer Internet Day 2022.

We also encouraged people to contribute to a safer online world through simple actions - like being respectful and kind.

As coordinator of the Safer Internet Day campaign in Australia, eSafety produced tailored campaign kits for schools and the community. We also launched new research into children's exposure to online risks and released learning resources for schools and families. 

Campaign support

The campaign was supported by educators, workplaces, community groups, parents, carers and governments. Additionally this year for the first time, top sporting organisations and high profile personalities took an active role in our campaign too - helping to promote online safety.  

Australia’s largest companies got on board by producing videos, hosting online safety training sessions and webinars, publishing blogs and lighting up social media.

eSafety thanks everyone who supported the campaign and shared their tips about positive online behaviours. Whether it’s protecting ourselves and others online, calling out abuse or asking for help - we all have a part to play in keeping each other safe online.

Join us in 2023 when we celebrate the 20th year of Safer Internet Day!

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How Australians supported Safer Internet Day 2022

The campaign kits

eSafety encouraged people to show their support by sharing an image or posting a message. Resources were made available in our campaign kits to promote online safety at home, school, work or in the community.

Download the educators campaign kit 

These resources supported school campaign activities. They included a social media GIF, poster and a template to create a school pledge to support Safer Internet Day 2022.

Download the workplace and community campaign kit 

These resources included suggested posts, texts and video message ideas. eSafety also created a web banner and poster, plus other materials to use in the community. 

Video messages

Australians were encouraged to create and share a video message with their online community to support Safer Internet Day 2022. 

Some of our supporter videos

Safer Internet Day 2022 – eSafety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant

Former Australian Netball captain Caitlin Bassett is one of our Play it Fair Online Classroom Activity stars

School activities

eSafety's Education and Training team created a range of online resources to support schools and the community. The material was designed for different age groups and included school surveys, a parent webinar, a Virtual Classroom event and a free storybook with a song.

We encouraged educators to use our new classroom resource featuring beach volleyball player Taliqua Clancy, Paralympic swimmer Grant 'Scooter' Patterson and netballer, Caitlin Bassett.


The latest research

Parents have an important role to play in children’s online lives and evidence shows that their awareness and digital involvement has increased since 2016. But there are still some significant gaps – especially around children’s exposure to potentially harmful online content. 

This research explored the opportunities and risks that the internet presents for children in Australia, based on a national survey of more than 3,500 young people aged 8 to 17, and their parents. 

Workplace resources

eSafety collaborated with Safe Work Australia to create guidelines for employers and workers. As part of Safer Internet Day, we asked workers to read and share our fact sheets about how to manage online abuse. 

We also encouraged industry to learn about our award winning 'Safety by Design' initiative that puts safety at the centre of online design and product development.


More for educators and industry

You can continue to raise online safety awareness at work, school and in your community.

Explore our classroom resources or visit our industry pages to find out how to make user experiences safer and more positive online.