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How to report illegal and harmful content

The Cyber Report team investigates complaints from Australian residents and law enforcement agencies about offensive and illegal online content.

Find out more about what you can report to us.

We prioritise investigations into online child sexual abuse material and work with law enforcement and the global network INHOPE to remove this content wherever it is hosted.

If you encounter child sexual abuse material online, please report it to us by following the steps below.

Reports can be made anonymously.

Your reports make a difference. Every image removed helps prevent the re-victimisation of the children involved.

How to make a report

To make a report you need to tell us:

  1. Why is the content offensive or illegal?

    Read more about what we can investigate and what we can’t investigate.

  2. Are you an Australian resident?

    You must be an Australian resident or law enforcement agency.

  3. Show us where to access the content

    Provide the location of the content, for example, a web address/URL.

  4. Make a report to eSafety

    Once you have collected relevant evidence and information, you can start your report.

What can you report?

You can report child sexual abuse material to us. We may also investigate complaints about other prohibited material, for example, content that:

  • promotes in matters of crime or violence
  • provides instruction in paedophilia
  • advocates terrorist acts
  • depicts gratuitous depictions of violence and sexual violence
  • is sexually explicit.

If you are concerned about a criminal activity — including online paedophile activity — please contact your local police or call Crime Stoppers toll free on 1800 333 000. Reports to Crime Stoppers can be made anonymously.

More information about making a report


Privacy and your personal information 

You can find out more about how we deal with your personal information by reading our privacy policy.