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Safer Internet Day for businesses and communities

How your business or community can be an online safety champion.

On Safer Internet Day, millions of people around the world unite to raise awareness about online safety issues and inspire positive change. It’s a great opportunity to kickstart your organisation’s own online safety initiatives for 2020! 

Your organisation can use eSafety’s ideas and resources to help improve the online safety of your employees, your customers and your community, not just on Safer Internet Day but every day of the year. 

Where to start

There are lots of ways your businesses and community organisations can be an online safety champion on Safer Internet Day, 11 February 2020.

Follow these steps to get started.

1. Register support

1. Register your support

We’re looking for businesses and community organisations to become Safer Internet Day champions. 

Register now

2. Download resources

2. Download resources

Get your employees, customers and community talking about ways to improve online safety! 

Use the downloadable resources in the Safer Internet Day promotion kit, including email and web banners, social media posts, top tips and more. 

Make sure you register as a Safer Internet Day champion so we can let you know as soon as new resources are available. 

Promotion kit includes:

  • NEW! Social media images for sharing
  • Promotion kit instructions *updated
  • Event posters to print and display around your business
  • Customisable Safer Internet Day logo and guidelines
  • Top tips for online safety poster 
  • Host your own SID2020 event poster 
  • eSafety Parent Webinars invitation 
  • Newsletter article 
  • Tip bubble template and instructions 
  • Organisation logo template for eSafety Champions page 
  • Email signature 
  • Web banner for display on your website or e-newsletters 
  • PowerPoint presentation template


Download all resources
PDF, PNG, ZIP, 25.57MB

3. Plan a celebration

3. Plan a celebration

Celebrate Safer Internet Day in your organisation using one of our suggested activities, or brainstorm your own! 

  • Host a Safer Internet Day event – deck out your foyer, invite an online safety trainer to present in 2020 or organise a morning tea. 
  • Have your organisation’s leader, CEO or Chairperson fill in eSafety’s tip bubble template with a pledge showing “How we are making the internet a safer place!” 
  • Have your leader deliver a Safer Internet Day video message for staff and customers. 
  • Share your staff’s best online safety tips through your social media channels – there are examples in the promotion kit — and use the eSafety tips tagging @eSafetyOffice
  • Join the eSafety champions wall of honour by uploading your business logo to the champions logo template in the promotion kit and adding what you’re doing to support Safer Internet Day. 
  • Let your staff know they can join one of eSafety’s free Safer Internet Day Parent Webinars.
  • Connect with a suitable community group or invite the organisations you partner with to celebrate SID2020 through their own newsletters, blogs and social channels.
  • Host an information session at the start of the year, let them know about Safer Internet Day and the online safety advice and support at esafety.gov.au .
  • Use the supplied event poster around your organisation to help promote your Safer Internet Day activities. 
  • Align your organisation’s social responsibility focus to online safety programs with blogposts and tips.
  • There’s a wide topic list available targeting parents, young people, seniors and women at esafety.gov.au


4. Share on social

4. Share on social

Help start the chat about online safety by raising awareness and sharing your organisation’s Safer Internet Day support across social media.

START NOW, to get the conversation trending by 11 February!

Here’s how…


Join the Champions wall of honour 



If you would like your organisation's logo to appear on the Champions wall of honour on the eSafety website:

  1. Download our champions social tile and insert your logo in the middle.
  2. Share on your organisation’s social accounts with a short description of what you’re doing to support Safer Internet Day – this must be 15 words or less.
  3. Make sure you add #SID2020champion and tag @eSafetyOffice in the text, so we can find and share your post.


Champion logo templates


Re-share an eSafety post 

  1. To help start the chat online about Safer Internet Day please share, like and comment on our posts. 
  2. Make sure you add #eSafetySID and tag us @eSafetyOffice.


Use our template and share an online safety tip 

Share your online safety tip with others on social media:

  1. Download our template below, print on A4 or A3 paper and add your online safety tip.
  2. Take a photo of yourself holding your tip.
  3. Share on your organisation’s social account. 
  4. Remember to add the hashtag #eSafetySID and #SID2020 so that we can share your posts!




Share your own posts

  1. Join the discussion online by sharing your own posts of support on your social platforms.
  2. Use the suggested copy below or create your own. 
  3. Remember to add the hashtag #eSafetySID and #SID2020 so that we can share your posts! 
  4. Download social tiles and suggested copy below.


Download all resources

5. Encourage

5. Encourage

Your organisation can play an important role in educating parents, carers and the wider community about making every day a Safer Internet Day. 

One of the most effective ways to spread the message is to encourage parents to start family conversations about online safety. 

  • Use or adapt the newsletter article in the promotion kit, to let your employees, customers and community know about Safer Internet Day and the advice and resources on our Safer Internet Day families page. 
  • Invite parents and community leaders to a Safer Internet Day celebration. 
  • Get your employees engaged by filling in tip bubbles and sharing in their own communities. 
  • Encourage parents to check out the advice and resources available all year round on the eSafety Parents pages at our online safety hub at esafety.gov.au

Let parents know they can join one of eSafety’s free Safer Internet Day families webinars.

Learn more