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WITS Research

In 2021, eSafety is surveying professional women with an online or media presence, to inform our Women In The Spotlight program. Get involved now!

eSafety is conducting important research in Australia about experiences with online abuse among women who have a strong online or media presence as part of their professional work role.  

Women often face high levels of abuse online which can profoundly damage their confidence, self-esteem and feelings of personal safety. It can also lead to them stepping back from public life or from participating in online activities. 

The survey  

The research will involve an online survey about women’s online experiences as part of their work role or responsibilities.  

The survey is open between 20th May and 12th June 2021. It will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. 

Whereto Research, an independent social research agency, has been commissioned to undertake this study on behalf of eSafety.

How can I get involved? 

We are inviting women who have an online or media presence for work to share their experiences. We wish to hear from a wide range of women across Australia, from a cross-section of industries. 

You can take part in the survey. You can also share the link with other women who may be interested.

Do the survey

Research objectives 

This research is being conducted as part of eSafety’s Women In The Spotlight (WITS) program, previously known as Women Influencing Tech Spaces. WITS aims to empower Australian women to manage digital technology risks and abuse and to facilitate their positive participation online.   

Findings from this research will be used to inform eSafety’s WITS prevention and education work which seeks to:

  • normalise appropriate online behaviours
  • encourage bystander intervention
  • equip women who have an online presence for work with strategies to mitigate and respond to online abuse.

We see this research as a springboard to change in social and online norms, empowering women to feel they can participate freely online and without compromise in their working lives.  

This research has been approved by the Victoria University Human Research Ethics Committee. 

How will the findings be used?  

Whereto Research will summarise the findings from the survey and interviews into a report that may be published on the eSafety website. You will not be identified in the report.  

Privacy considerations  

Your personal information is protected by the Privacy Act 1988 and eSafety complies with the Australian Privacy Principles. All information that you provide is confidential and will be used for research purposes only. All data will be de-identified in the research report so that no names or other identifying information can be attached to it.   

Further information  

We are happy to provide more information and answer any questions you have. You can contact the researchers by email using the subject 'Women in the Spotlight Research', at either of these addresses: 


Whereto Research: