Tips on how to stay safe online during the COVID-19 pandemic

What we don't do

Find out where you can go for help with online issues that we cannot assist you with directly.

Online bullying and abuse.

The Enhancing Online Safety Act 2015 (Cth) underpins eSafety’s complaints and reporting schemes for cyberbullying material targeting an Australian child, and image-based abuse material.

However, we do not have the same legislative power to require the removal of online abuse or bullying material directed at adults.

If you are an adult who is the target of serious online bullying, harassment or threats, read our advice on how to take control in cases of cyber abuse

If the bullying and harassment is occurring on social media, many sites encourage users to report inappropriate activity. Once notified, moderators may take action. You can find online safety advice and reporting links in the eSafety Guide.

Online content

eSafety’s Cyber Report team can only investigate complaints about prohibited and potentially prohibited online material. We give priority to serious content such as child sexual abuse material.

We can’t investigate:

  • suspected pedophile activity
  • cybercrime
  • most online frauds and scams
  • spam
  • defamation
  • privacy breaches
  • racism and discrimination
  • copyright infringement

What we can’t investigate provides more information and some tips about where to go for help with these issues. 

Legal advice

We provide guidance, but don’t provide legal advice

  • Our role is to provide general information. Your own circumstances will be unique and your own legal representative is best place to advise on the legal options available to you.
  • The legal framework around online safety can be complex and difficult to navigate. So if you are considering your legal options, seeking professional legal advice is strongly recommended.
  • A lawyer or legal service can help by discussing your case and the legislation that applies.
  • Browse services offering legal advice in our directory of counselling and support services.