Tips on how to stay safe online during the COVID-19 pandemic

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

eSafety has co-created advice and resources to help keep our mob safe online.

eSafety acknowledges that many individuals refer to themselves by their clan, mob and or country. For the purposes of this website, we respectfully use the term ‘Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ throughout.

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Keeping kids safe online

Kids are growing up in two worlds, the real world and an online world. Just like you protect kids from dangers in the real world, it is important to protect their safety in their online world too. 

The resources on this page can help parents and carers look after their kids and communities.

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Start the Chat, Keep our Mob Safe Online

John Paul has four kids, aged from 6 to 14, all with busy online lives. Find out how he approaches the challenges of keeping them safe online — and what the kids have to say about it.

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Find more resources

Check out Be Deadly Online for more videos and resources, and to find out about the big issues online, like bullying, reputation and respect for others.

You’ll also find lots of tips for keeping kids safe online in eSafety Parents

Everyone can get online and stay safe

Maybe you want to know how to get on the internet and stay safe online. Or maybe you want to help others get online. 

Check out Your Online Journey — a free easy-to-use app with step-by-step instructions and videos to help your mob get online and stay safe. A trainer’s guide is also available to support use of the app in groups or community settings.