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The Global Online Safety Regulators Network is the only global forum dedicated to supporting collaboration between online safety regulators, sending a strong message about our shared commitment to online safety regulation.

Through this, we will encourage wider international membership and cooperation, with the aim of making the approach to online safety between countries is as consistent and coherent as possible.

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What the network does

The Global Online Safety Regulators Network, which launched in November 2022, shares information, best practice, expertise and experience, to support harmonised or coordinated approaches to online safety issues.

A Roadmap for Action sets out how the Network will meet its three core strategic priorities:

  • Strategic communications – Develop and release position statements to support a clear collective voice for the Network on online safety issues.
  • Harmonisation – Review regulatory approaches and identify areas for collaboration. 
  • Cooperation – consider how to share data and insights to support cross-border collaboration.


Membership of The Global Online Safety Regulators Network is open to regulators with legislated online safety functions, who meet criteria on independence from political and commercial interference, and are committed to upholding human rights, democracy and the rule of law.

Current members include:

The Network also wants to engage those who are looking to establish online safety regulation or are eager to learn from the shared experiences of this group of like-minded regulators. The Network might give observer status to different groups as the Network progresses and regulatory regimes develop.
Observers will be organisations and stakeholders working on online safety issues and committed to working collaboratively with independent online safety regulators. This can include civil society, policymakers, multilateral organisations and industry groups.

Current observers include:

If you would like more information, or to receive a member or observer application form, please email

Position statements

As part of its global leadership in online safety, the Network drafts position statements on online safety issues with input and collaboration from all members.

Position statements focus on online safety issues and aim to deliver the objective of establishing a respected, clear and influential collective voice of independent online safety regulators

Position Statement on human rights and online safety

This statement articulates the Network’s shared commitment to championing a human rights-based approach to online safety regulation and harm prevention.

Recognising the profound impact of digital technologies and the online environment on our lives, the Network acknowledges that this requires consideration of a range of fundamental human rights in the execution of our functions and duties.