What is Be Connected Young Mentors?

Be Connected Young Mentors is an intergenerational reverse-mentoring program for school aged children and older Australians.

Not only does it facilitate essential digital learning for older Australians, it also gives young people the opportunity to develop valuable teaching, communication and leadership skills.

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Who is this program for?

Be Connected Young Mentors is for all organisations with a connection to young people or to older Australians, looking to deliver the benefits of intergenerational learning to their cohort.

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Watch videos of the program in action

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• School Coordinator looking for a Service in Community, Volunteering Awards, work experience or leadership program for their students.

• School Community Service Program Coordinator.

• School ICT (Information Communication Technology) or DT (Digital Technologies) Lead looking for a program that ties in with an ICT or DT elective.

See why schools are getting on board with the program.

Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

• Duke of Ed Coordinator or Award Leader looking for a program for their students to undertake in the Service section of the Award.


• Community Program Lead in a library looking to connect with a local school and enhance program offerings for older visitors to the library.

Listen to the value the program brings to libraries and community.

Aged/Residential Care

• Lifestyle Manager in an aged/residential care setting looking to connect with a local school and enhance community engagement for residents.

Hear about the benefits of the program in aged care.

Community organisations

• Coordinator in a neighbourhood or community centre looking to connect with a local school and enhance program offerings.

Register to get started

Registration will open the program Tool Kit with all guidance, promotional resources and training materials, as well as help on how to connect with a partner.

1. Register to get involved

Register your organisation to get access to the Tool Kit. You will also have access to a Program Feedback Report on completion of the program.

Register your Expression of Interest

2. Find a partner

School Coordinators will approach a partner with connection to older Australians. Community Coordinators will approach and partner with a local school.

Tool Kit:

• Letter of Introduction template

• Program Delivery Timeline template

• Checklist

3. Promote the program

Highlight the specific benefits to the group you are looking to recruit – be it young people or older Australians – by circulating flyers, posters and newsletters.

Tool Kit:

• Newsletter article

• Flyer templates

• Poster template

4. Train the young mentors

Deliver face-to-face training to the young mentors on how to mentor older adults before they are paired with their mentees.

Tool Kit:

• Mentor training materials

• Mentor Revision booklet

• Mentor Teaching Plan template

5. Supervise the mentoring sessions

Organise the mentoring sessions and ensure all sessions are supervised and supported. Capture all participant feedback and award all participants with their certificate on completion.

Tool Kit:

• Facilitation materials

• Mentee practice & achievements template

• Participant surveys

• Certificate templates

• Program Feedback Report

How long will the program take?

The Program Delivery Timeline below provides some guidance on how long the program will take to deliver.

How long will the program take?

Before you get started

If you still have questions, please have a look at our frequently asked questions (FAQs) or contact us at beconnectedmentors@esafety.gov.au


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