Your personal information online


Episode 1 – Details, Details...

Hector and his friends learn about their personal information—what it is, who should it be shared with and how can it be used.

Episode 1 – Details, details – Audio Description


Episode 2 – Welcome to the Carnival

Hector and his friends visit the Silicon Deep carnival and learn how to protect themselves and their personal information.

Episode 2 – Welcome to the carnival – Audio Description


Episode 3 – It's a Serious Game

When the friends sign up for the games arcade, will they be signing up for more than they expect?

Episode 3 – It's a serious game – Audio Description


Episode 4 – The Info Gang

Tama uncovers the info gang’s evil plans to sell her friends' personal information. Will Constable Solosolave save the day?

Episode 4 – The info gang – Audio Description


Episode 5 – Heroes

Hector and his friends are rewarded for their courage and quick thinking. Kui guides Hector in the right direction and helps him to learn from his mistake.

Episode 5 – Heroes – Audio Description

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