Professional learning for National School Chaplaincy Program Chaplains - responding to and preventing cyberbullying

The eSafety Professional Learning Program for NSCP Chaplains provides evidence-based, targeted advice on preventing and responding to cyberbullying.

The program covers the latest online safety research, case studies and strategies to assist School Chaplains to integrate online safety into their student wellbeing programs and intervention.

This program requires participation in a three hour live webinar session and the completion of an online quiz. To participate, register your attendance at one of the webinar sessions in 2019 listed below. Dates will continue to be released across early 2020, however we encourage NSCP Chaplains to complete training as soon as possible.

After participating in the webinar, participants will be sent a 15-minute quiz (within 24 hours of completion) to complete the three hours of activity. All Chaplains who complete the program will receive a summative infographic containing key learnings and a certificate of participation. Your successful completion will be registered.

Focus area one

  • Understand research insights into social media and technology use by young people and what’s trending in this space
  • Understand common risks when participating in online environments including cyberbullying

Focus area two

  • Identify strategies for preventing and managing cyberbullying issues
  • Consider support services and reporting options
  • Consider strategies for encouraging helpful bystander behaviour and supportive peer behaviours 

Focus area three

  • Understand opportunities to encourage and influence positive online behaviour in young people
  • Identify strategies for engaging the whole school community in promoting online safety
  • Understand the eSafety resources and messaging that empowers students to deal with online challenges.

Please note:

Chaplains not funded under the National School Chaplaincy Program can register for the professional learning program on Supporting Student Digital Wellbeing here.

Before you get started

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