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Hector's World - Your personal information online

Hector and his friends live under the sea in Silicon Deep. They are learning how to protect their personal information and use computers and mobile phones safely. 

E1 — Details, details...

Hector and his friends learn about their personal information—what it is, who should it be shared with and how can it be used.

Ep 2 — Welcome to the carnival

Hector and his friends visit the Silicon Deep carnival and learn how to protect themselves and their personal information.

Ep3 — It’s a serious game

When Hector and his friends sign up for the games arcade, will they be signing up for more than they expect?

Ep 4 — The info gang

Tama uncovers the info gang’s evil plans to sell her friends' personal information. Will Constable Solosolave save the day?

Ep 5 — Heroes

Hector and his friends are rewarded for their courage and quick thinking. Kui guides Hector in the right direction and helps him to learn from his mistake.

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Last updated: 05/09/2019