The content and resources on this portal were informed by the latest research on image-based abuse, commissioned by the Office of the eSafety Commissioner in 2017.

This research comprises:

  • a national survey of 4,122 online Australians
  • qualitative research with 27 female victims and 21 frontline workers
  • a digital ethnographic study of online distribution channels.

The national survey was conducted in May 2017. It measures the prevalence, nature and impacts of image-based abuse among the population in Australia, as well as actions taken by victims and the types of information and support needed. It also examines general community attitudes and bystanders’ responses to image-based abuse.

The national survey provides the first nationally representative indication of the prevalence and nature of image-based abuse among adult Australians who are active online.

Based primarily on the national survey, the Office has developed the following infographics and report: