What’s the law in my state or territory?

Laws relating to image-based abuse differ across each state and territory and can be complex, even for legal experts. Here you will find an overview of Australian Commonwealth law and state laws that can be used in cases of IBA.

The government is looking at ways to strengthen laws to better protect Australians against image-based abuse.

General laws

The following laws are also more general laws, including Commonwealth laws, which may assist in instances of image-based abuse:

  • grooming
  • indecent images
  • classification
  • child sexual exploitation
  • stalking
  • threats of violence
  • the use of a carriage service provider to harass, menace or cause offence

Find out about civil and criminal laws relating to image-based abuse in your state or territory

Some states and territories have laws which specifically address image-based abuse. Click on your state or territory to see the laws that may apply.

Australian Capital Territory

Civil Penalties: There are currently no civil penalties specifically for IBA in this territory.

Criminal Law: There are offences for the non-consensual distribution of intimate images and for threatening to capture or distribute intimate images. The offences are located in Part 3A of the Crimes Act 1900 (ACT).