Emily’s story

Emily was a 17 year old student when she shared three nude photos with a boy she knew through a friend.

At her school, girls had been pressured by guys to send naked pictures for years. It was a common practice and it didn’t seem like a big deal. By the time Emily was in year 12, she didn’t think twice about sending a few naked pictures to this guy when he asked. She was single at the time and she was feeling playful and confident. Emily didn’t ever meet him, though they did talk online. She didn’t think about the images again. Until two years later when she was at university and her boyfriend at the time discovered that the photos had been posted online.

Like many others in her situation, she was humiliated and angry.

What’s more, she saw the names and images of other girls she knew from school on the same sites. But when she talked to them about going to the police, none of them wanted to get their ex-boyfriends or their mates in trouble. She wishes that more people were willing to speak out about their experiences and take action against those who are sharing these kinds of images without consent.

You will find options for support and counselling services below. There are also a number of ways you can take action to remove and report abusive images.

Ash sitting on rocks looking out to sea

Ash’s story

I was 15 when my naked photo was shared without my consent. My boyfriend at the time kept asking me for a naked photo. I didn’t feel comfortable, even though everyone else was doing it, so at first I refused. Then one night I was staying at a friend’s house with a group of my friends.

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