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The start-up assessment tool is designed to guide early stage or start-up companies to improve and innovate online safety.

Participants are guided through a series of questions and given current good practice and evidence-based resources and templates. Each participant's responses generate a tailored report that acts as both a safety 'health check’ and a learning resource.

Start-up assessment tool

This tool is designed for:

  • early stage or start-up companies (1 to 49 employees worldwide).

Launch tool

If your company has 50+ employees, see information about the enterprise assessment tool.

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About the tool

What is included in the tool?

There are two modules:

  1. Online harms – this module is mandatory and must be completed before progressing to the start-up questions and answers. It explains what is meant by ‘online harms’ and outlines the complex factors that may be involved. It draws upon eSafety’s experience of supporting citizens who have experienced online abuse, analysis of reporting trends and research, and existing and emerging international approaches to understanding and mitigating online risks and harms.
  2. Start-up questions and answers – this module demonstrates how safety can be embedded in internal policies and procedures and reinforced through proactive approaches to detecting, moderating and reporting harmful and illegal content. It also outlines the importance of empowering users to improve their own online safety and walks through the steps start-ups can take to be more inclusive, open and transparent.

What do I need to get started?

This assessment tool provides much more than a checklist exercise – it takes participants on a journey towards online safety. It has been developed to be educative and informative, and to inspire. So set aside time to read and absorb the resources interspersed throughout the tool, while you answer the targeted questions.

We anticipate that the assessment will take approximately 60-95 minutes to complete in full. It has been designed to accommodate the requirements of any member of a start-up. An individual or members of a team can complete it separately or as a group.

Unique reference code

Participants are given a unique reference code when they first login, so the assessment can be completed over several sessions. You must login at least every seven days to keep this reference code valid. After 90 days, eSafety deletes all details to protect the anonymity of our users.

More information

For more information, please read the frequently asked questions about the assessment tools. You can also find out more about Safety by Design initiatives or read the principles and background.


No personal information on the individual participant or their company is collected. The answers are general in nature and do not identify the business they are based on.

Please read our Safety by Design privacy page for more details.

Feedback and collaboration

If you would like to give us feedback or let us know about a new feature or product, please get in touch. You can also find out more about how to collaborate on our Safety by Design initiatives.

Last updated: 01/12/2023