Tips on how to stay safe online during the COVID-19 pandemic

Report abuse to social media services

Most websites, social media services, apps and games offer ways to report abusive content and request that it is removed.

Generally, the quickest way to get abusive content taken down is to report it to the service or platform it was posted on. 

After you report abusive content, the service may remove the content straight away. They may also block the person who posted the image or delete their account.

How to report

Check the procedures that apply to the site or service where the abuse was posted

Popular social media services, games, apps and websites have information about how to report abusive material. The eSafety Guide includes general online safety information and direct reporting links. 

Services or platforms with clear rules, terms of use and reporting processes will also have ‘safety agents’ or moderators, who can access reports and take action.

Collect evidence

Before you report abusive content, it is a good idea to collect evidence, such as screenshots of the abusive material.

Also try to document other information that will help demonstrate the nature of the abuse and how it is affecting you. Online abuse can be subtle and pervasive, which can make it difficult for the moderators or safety agents to take action to remove abusive content. 

For example, the abuse could be in the form of repeated unwanted contact. When viewed in isolation, a single post may not appear to be abusive so you may need to show that it is part of a wider pattern of abuse. In cases like this, it may be necessary to report all the instances of abuse. 

It may also be useful to provide context — supporting explanations along with your evidence — when you report abusive content. You may not always be able to provide more information through in-app reporting functions, but the same platform might offer an online form that gives you this option.

Find out how to collect evidence and document the abuse. This will also be useful if you want to seek help from the police.


Submit your report, including as much supporting information as you can. Find the right links through The eSafety Guide or use the quick links below.

Quick links to reporting forms

For key social media services


The eSafety Guide