Among Us


Age Rating TBD

Among Us is working on an account system with reporting and moderation features to fight toxicity


What is Among Us?

Among Us is a cartoon-like action strategy game that can be downloaded on PC or mobile devices. Based on teamwork and betrayal, players are either ‘crewmates’ or an ‘imposter’ set in a damaged spaceship. Crewmates try to accomplish their tasks, while imposters try to sabotage these missions and murder crew.

Throughout the game the crew can vote who they believe the imposter is via an ‘emergency meeting’. In these meetings, players can also chat to discuss who they think the imposter is. The person with the most votes is kicked out of the game. These chats are unmoderated and there is currently no way to report users in-game. Hosts can kick or ban players from games via the lobby screen.

Games can be played with four to 10 players, on ‘private’ or ‘public’. Private mode allows hosts to invite their friends online to set up a game, while public mode allows hosts to play with others from around the world.

Among Us does not require players to register for accounts using email or other personal information, it only requires a username. In-app purchasing is also available.

As noted, Among Us can be played in “private mode” which is recommended for younger players, ideally with parental engagement. Like any game with a public chat function and a co-mingled environment, that can introduce risks of adult strangers interacting with children online. eSafety considers that stronger safety features would include as a minimum a reporting function.

eSafety has reached out to Among Us seeking information on their age rating and to discuss what safety measures they have in place to protect their users. We are reticent to provide a definitive rating until these questions have been answered but note that trusted sources, including Common Sense Media have recommended a minimum age of 10+; Apple’s App Store recommends 9+ and Google Play, 10+.


Apps: Android app, Apple iOS

How do people use Among Us?

Learn more about the benefits and risks associated with how people use online games like Among Us.

Among Us is used for: gaming, messaging/online chat, in-app purchasing.

How can you mute, block or report someone?

  • There is currently no way to report a user in-game.

How can you protect your personal information?