Minimum age according to Tellonym
17+ Minimum age according to Tellonym

What is Tellonym?

Tellonym is an anonymous mobile messaging and social networking app. It allows you to send messages or ‘tells’, to strangers without revealing your identity. If they choose to reply, the original message and their answer is posted on their profile. You can share your profile link with others, follow your friends, browse profiles to find new connections and receive anonymous feedback messages from your existing contacts. Tellonym is free to all users and does not show advertising. 


Apps: AndroidApple iOS

How do people use Tellonym?

Learn more about the benefits and risks associated with how people use anonymous mobile messaging and social networking apps like Tellonym.

Tellonym is used for: messaging/online chat, anonymous communication and photo/video sharing.

How can you report inappropriate content, block a user or delete your account?

  • Control Features
    Learn how to block other users and report content using Tellonym’s control features.
  • Delete your account
    Get instructions on deleting your Tellonym account.

How can you protect your personal information?

  • Privacy Policy
    How Tellonym stores, collects and uses your personal information.
  • Privacy Options
    Manage your privacy options to ensure your Tellonym account is as secure as possible. 
  • User Safety
    Read about Tellonym’s efforts to safeguard its users, including ‘Safety by Design’, self-harm alerts, picture filters, code protection and more.
  • For Parents
    Guidance for parents and carers on how Tellonym’s control features can help keep your teen safe.

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