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Find a lawyer

If you are considering taking legal action against the person responsible for the image-based abuse, we strongly recommend that you get legal advice.

Where can I get legal advice?

If you have experienced image-based abuse and would like legal advice you can meet with your chosen lawyer. Or you can use one of the following legal services, some of which offer free legal advice.

Community legal centres

Community legal centres are not-for-profit organisations that provide legal help and related services. Search the National Association of Community Legal Centres for your nearest community legal centre.

Specialised community legal centres

Women’s Legal Services — these are located in every state and territory in Australia. Women’s Legal Services provide advice, information, casework and legal education to women on a range of legal issues, particularly domestic and family violence matters. Find a Women’s Legal Service near you.

Youth Law Australia— provides information, referrals, and advice for children and young people under the age of 25 on all legal issues. They specialise in cyber matters. They can help you understand the laws around image-based abuse and can also suggest practical steps to help you stop the abuse. You can request legal advice using the Youth Law Australia Form.

Legal aid

Each state and territory has a legal aid commission that provides legal advice and representation on a range of legal issues. To find out more, contact the legal aid commission in your state or territory.

Other legal services

You may also be able to find a legal service that meets your individual needs.  The National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Legal Services is the national peak body for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Services and Qlife provides referral information for lesbian, gay, bi, trans and/or intersex legal services.

Support services

Contacting a lawyer

A lawyer or legal service can help by discussing your legal options, including how to apply for a protection order if you need one. They might also speak to the police with you. It will save time if you collect information before you contact a lawyer.

What to take